Printout for Low Days

Anyone who has ever suffered through depression knows that basic tasks can seem unmanageable.

The link above can be saved and printed and serves as a much-needed reminder that there are seemingly little things that can make a difference in our mood.

I’m saving this.

What rituals do you rely on to pull you back from the depths?


4 thoughts on “Printout for Low Days

  1. I don’t believe I suffer from depression (so my thoughts may / may not be helpful), but I have been working on recognizing when I can’t trust my feelings. Probably about half the time I can recognize when I’m feeling that way, and I am able to just set my feelings aside and let my logical brain take over.

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    • You bring up a great point. In fact, learning to logically counter ANTs — Automatic Negative Thoughts, is a big concept in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That’s wonderful that you can see when your feelings/thoughts are faulty and counter with logic. Thanks for reading and taking the time to offer your perspective. šŸ™‚

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