Hello! How About a Picture

Last night I wrote a long blog post.

The words wouldn’t come, which is fine – sometimes they don’t.

It was still long. It’s hanging out in my drafts folder, but I don’t feel like revisiting it this morning.

Often, what we don’t say is more telling than what we do.

I’m here…

On my yoga mat…

With my journal…


How are you? No words either?

Try snapping a picture. Maybe it’s the start we all need.

Less noise.

Less filler.

More clarity.


4 thoughts on “Hello! How About a Picture

    • Ha! Yeah.. I seem to work better on the floor though I’m not sure why. And there is certainly a lot going on in this picture. Thanks for reading & commenting. So sorry I’m tardy on my replies.,. Seems that’s how I operate lately. Hope all is well in your world!

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