Happy 2018!

Why yes, I am intimately aware that we're well into this new year. It's been awhile, now hasn't it? I've popped in sporadically on my WordPress reader; I've clicked when alerted by that orange notification blot, which reminds me I am painfully behind replying to comments (so so sorry; I'll get there), but mostly I've … Continue reading Happy 2018!


I’m Turning Relatives Into Trees for Christmas — Want to Join Me?

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Words can’t begin to express how much I appreciate all of my readers and this blogging community. Since the holidays are such a busy time, I’m going to reblog some of my old posts. I’m anticipating some joy and a little stress as we’re heading to Atlanta to gather with family. So many people; so many viewpoints and strong personalities. I needed this reminder today and thought you might, too. Stay safe and well!

Grief Happens


I consider myself a people person.

I like people.

They spark my curiosity, and I want to know their stories.

What made them think a certain way about something?

Who were their parents?

What have they seen?

What joys have they known? What pains?

Sometimes this is easier with strangers than with those we love — at least this is the case for me.

I’ve been accused of being too accepting. People tell me I attract “oddballs.” I suppose I find unconventional souls a bit more intriguing. Bland is harder to stomach, yet there’s curiosity there as well.

The holidays are upon us. I’m thinking about family members — fundamentalists, Trump supporters, drunks, gun lovers. We’ll be dining together. I’ll be gnawing my tongue and balancing when to speak up and when to take more of a passive, compassionate approach.

I’m going to start collecting mantras now:

Peace begins with…

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Couples With ADHD

Y'all. I swear. Some days all I can do is laugh...because really there are simply no words. Since I told you about my Lexapro flu in my last post, I'll pick up from there. I went for my three-week follow-up on Wednesday, and he convinced me to give Vyvanse another go. So far so good. … Continue reading Couples With ADHD


Down With the Lexapro Flu

Hello, Friends! It's been awhile. It's hard to write, work, care-take, AND get the fifteen-plus hours of sleep I need when I bite the bullet and go back on antidepressants. Since I last wrote, I had a promising appointment with a new doctor, and I've been taking a low-dose of Lexapro for three weeks. I … Continue reading Down With the Lexapro Flu


Does the Why Even Matter?

I've shared in previous posts that I'm slogging through what feels like a significant depression. I feel like I can't move myself and trudge through the daily tasks. The simplest things take what feels like a herculean effort, and lately I'm just not up for any of it. Then there's the anger. So much anger. … Continue reading Does the Why Even Matter?


Dealing With All the Past Life Fashizzle.

Friends. We have to talk. I need your help and input. I am knee-deep in my past life - in the form of pictures, wedding announcements, baby bracelets my children wore in the hospital. For the love of Elton John, y'all. It is getting so real in this organizing fiasco that is supposed to make … Continue reading Dealing With All the Past Life Fashizzle.


Moments That Matter

Sometimes I find myself full of advice. I have these sparks of wisdom, though it's rare that I share them for fear of looking like a know-it-all. I SO don't know it all. Occasionally, though, words fly out of my mouth before I'm able to hit the pause button and self-edit...and it's a good thing. … Continue reading Moments That Matter


Lentil Kale Soup – Sounds Meh, Tastes PHENOMENAL

Don't knock 'til you try it! I've been ranting up a storm, so I thought you guys might enjoy a break from my mopey, depressed gripe-fests. Let's talk food. In a desperate attempt to bring a little autumn into my life (have I mentioned that it's been 800 degrees and 1000% humidity in my neck … Continue reading Lentil Kale Soup – Sounds Meh, Tastes PHENOMENAL


Out With the Old

The visit from the organizer has done a number on my psyche. It's jacked with my zen. Put a damper on my chi. It's been a week, and she left me with what one might call a manageable list. Except it feels like anything but that... I hate lists. Hate them. They don't give me … Continue reading Out With the Old


Writing Through the Unpretty

It's Friday...hello, call me Captain Obvious. I'm welded to my couch and have little interest in separating myself from it. This is the first day of the week where I haven't had to rush out the door first thing in the morning.  It's been a busy one with no end in sight. So many thoughts … Continue reading Writing Through the Unpretty