Writing Through the Unpretty

It's Friday...hello, call me Captain Obvious. I'm welded to my couch and have little interest in separating myself from it. This is the first day of the week where I haven't had to rush out the door first thing in the morning.  It's been a busy one with no end in sight. So many thoughts … Continue reading Writing Through the Unpretty


Drastic Measure Time

I'm here, writing again. It's going to be painful, arduous, non-flowy. It always happens this way after a break. I haven't been okay for some time now. I mean, physically I'm okay. And really, I'm managing...but I'm far from thriving. The world and the lens from which I view it is that hazy gray color … Continue reading Drastic Measure Time

Serious Ponderings…Though it Might be the Worst Idea Ever

Perhaps I should start posting on Friday and call it the Friday Rant. Who am I kidding...it would have to be the Weekly Rant because I can't seem to commit to a particular day... _______________________________________________________________ I'm still in a bit of a state. Shortly after my last post, I felt worlds better. (Thank you to … Continue reading Serious Ponderings…Though it Might be the Worst Idea Ever