Hello! How About a Picture

Last night I wrote a long blog post. The words wouldn't come, which is fine - sometimes they don't. It was still long. It's hanging out in my drafts folder, but I don't feel like revisiting it this morning. Often, what we don't say is more telling than what we do. I'm here... On my … Continue reading Hello! How About a Picture


Happy 2018!

Why yes, I am intimately aware that we're well into this new year. It's been awhile, now hasn't it? I've popped in sporadically on my WordPress reader; I've clicked when alerted by that orange notification blot, which reminds me I am painfully behind replying to comments (so so sorry; I'll get there), but mostly I've … Continue reading Happy 2018!

Serious Ponderings…Though it Might be the Worst Idea Ever

Perhaps I should start posting on Friday and call it the Friday Rant. Who am I kidding...it would have to be the Weekly Rant because I can't seem to commit to a particular day... _______________________________________________________________ I'm still in a bit of a state. Shortly after my last post, I felt worlds better. (Thank you to … Continue reading Serious Ponderings…Though it Might be the Worst Idea Ever