Does the Why Even Matter?

I've shared in previous posts that I'm slogging through what feels like a significant depression. I feel like I can't move myself and trudge through the daily tasks. The simplest things take what feels like a herculean effort, and lately I'm just not up for any of it. Then there's the anger. So much anger. … Continue reading Does the Why Even Matter?


Titles Fail Me When Tragedy Strikes.

I'm trying to stay afloat this summer, keep up with my kids and their activities, my writing projects, and more, all while attempting to retain a shred of sanity in the process -- both literally and figuratively. BUT...I wanted to quickly pop in to say hello. Meditation is going. Thanks to all of you who … Continue reading Titles Fail Me When Tragedy Strikes.

What the Heck is an Impact Statement?

I really know how to open up a can of worms and create all sorts of uncomfortableness for myself. I haven't posted much lately because I've been a trainwreck. I wish I could put it more delicately but I like to shoot straight. Let's just call this what it is. Depression is hard and I've … Continue reading What the Heck is an Impact Statement?


I’m Not Even Close — Organized Peeps Do WHAT??!!

I recently ran across this -- 10 Things Organized People Do Every Day. Oh how I'd love to tell you that I knocked this one out of the park... Not the case. Let's see how I compare. What about you? We can do this...right? 1) ¬†They plan each day the night before. Mmm kay. I … Continue reading I’m Not Even Close — Organized Peeps Do WHAT??!!


Gone Girl Reflections

****SPOILER ALERT**** I will be discussing the just released movie Gone Girl,¬†based on the bestseller with the same name by Gillian Flynn. I'm not planning to drop any major plot giveaways, but what I write will give you some ideas about the movie, so if you prefer to go into a film with a blank … Continue reading Gone Girl Reflections


Perhaps I Should Consider a Muzzle

Occasionally I run out of garbage bags. My last one will be in the kitchen can and as I clean up one mess or another, I'll toss in my trash. As soon as I open the can, I'll think to myself -- Gotta get trash bags. This one's to capacity, and there are NO more. … Continue reading Perhaps I Should Consider a Muzzle


Pocket of Pain

I feel emotionally hung over after all the writing and pondering I did yesterday, but the drunken haze is starting to lift and like some of my hard-partying college days, I'm ready for another night on the town. Talking about my struggles is hard, but once I start, I feel this relentless urge to keep … Continue reading Pocket of Pain