A Day in the Life of a Scrawny Chick With ADD Who Takes Controlled Substances

How's that for a title? Let's jump right in, shall we? I'm taking a respite from the meds that make my brain work, not exactly by choice. When I went to pick up my refill, I was informed that I hadn't had an actual appointment in six months and this would have to happen before … Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Scrawny Chick With ADD Who Takes Controlled Substances


Post-Detox Update

My August detox has concluded, and I suppose it was a success. You can read about why I did this here and here, but the short version is I cut out coffee and wine...or I attempted to do so.I'm going to blame my lack of rigidness with this detox on the fact that I've had … Continue reading Post-Detox Update

For the Love! Why Can’t I Just Eat?

So I haven't blogged in over a month, and I woke up this morning with an unquenchable urge to pour my heart out to the internet. ¬†Actually, I don't think this is so much the case but rather my head is all over the place, and writing is a healthy way to center myself. Let's … Continue reading For the Love! Why Can’t I Just Eat?


Strattera Update

Day 21 and beyond: 60mg, taken in the morning -- on average, around 9am. This will be my last medication update for a while. I found it a little difficult and personally unhelpful to post every day. Plus, it was just a tough commitment to keep with everything else going on. However, I'm very interested … Continue reading Strattera Update


Highlights From Hell — I mean, Home

So much to post, so little focus. Bear with me. I've spent most of the week at Mamala's. I'll try to sum it up briefly. The following quote pretty much says all I can say at the moment about the trip and my relationship with my mom: "Honey, you really must look at the bright … Continue reading Highlights From Hell — I mean, Home


More Big Stuff

I've had a week -- birthday parties, another visit from Mamala, more marriage strife, and a wretched cold. So, I'm eating walnuts, drinking wine, and doing my best to form coherent sentences. My husband is a financial idiot. Oh, he's smart, but I now know that when we were young sprouts existing in a passionate … Continue reading More Big Stuff


Pocket of Pain

I feel emotionally hung over after all the writing and pondering I did yesterday, but the drunken haze is starting to lift and like some of my hard-partying college days, I'm ready for another night on the town. Talking about my struggles is hard, but once I start, I feel this relentless urge to keep … Continue reading Pocket of Pain