Enough With the Requests, Children

Now that my precious, darling angels have returned to school, I am actually able to remember how much I truly adore them. I'm no longer being the end-of-summer mom who survives by locking herself in the bedroom while the kids binge out on Netflix and whatever they can find in the fridge that always seems … Continue reading Enough With the Requests, Children


WGWW# — In a Slightly Tardy Fashion

I should re-name What's Going Well Wednesday and call it What's Going Well Whenever the Hell I Wanna Tell You 'Cause This is My Blog and Sometimes I Like Channeling My Inner Two-Year-Old. But I suppose that's a tad lengthy... We moved this summer.. We actually closed on our house two days AFTER my children started … Continue reading WGWW# — In a Slightly Tardy Fashion

What’s Going Well. . . Wait! What Day is It?! 

Seriously, you guys, I was excited to post this week since I missed last week, but I'm all mixed up (obviously!!!) and realized this morning that . . . today is actually Thursday. Here is my disclaimer: A LOT is going well, but other things not so much -- for instance, Wallace was the first … Continue reading What’s Going Well. . . Wait! What Day is It?! 


Weekend Get-Away, Back-to-School, and My House Exploded

My kids started school today. First grade for Piers and Kindergarten for Wallace. It's time to put the home front back together. Oh my goodness!! I was gone over the weekend. I drove 8+ hours to visit my college friends. It was wonderful and worth the hassle and all that, but I am spent. Gil … Continue reading Weekend Get-Away, Back-to-School, and My House Exploded


Mornings Are Not My Thing

Nothing turns me into a crazy lady quite like routine. We're going on just under a week of back-to-school bliss. And for the most part, it truly is fabulous. Piers started Kindergarten, and Wallace is in Pre-K at the SAME SCHOOL!!!! They are transitioning so well that I'm almost afraid to say it out loud. … Continue reading Mornings Are Not My Thing


I Need Meds Again

I went to see my amazing therapist today. The following conversation pretty much says it all. Her:  What's going on with your medication these days? Me:  I haven't been on any all summer, and overall I think I'm doing well. Her:  Yes, I agree you seem to be doing well. I only ask because, well, … Continue reading I Need Meds Again