Summer in Review – Part 1

I have 12+ posts hanging out in my drafts folder that I'm not even feeling remotely inspired to complete at the moment. I also desperately need to write. I need to put words on paper like a cranky child needs a protein snack and a two-hour nap. And for those non-parents reading...that is dire. So … Continue reading Summer in Review – Part 1


A Snippet of Joy – #WGWW

***Updated since yesterday's original post*** The weather has been a bit wonky here, and I spent much of yesterday fighting with my WiFi. I finally gave up and uploaded pics from the mobile WordPress app on my phone and called it a night. Now I'm having trouble editing (reducing the size) of the pictures. Anyway, … Continue reading A Snippet of Joy – #WGWW

Was Procreating In My Best Interest? And a Lovely Link I LOVE this so much I can't say enough... This is a slight deviation from WGWW, but I'm a big believer in real. That lovely picture of my precious children on that beautiful beach in my earlier post was a direct result of the behavior wise Glennon describes in the link above. Yesterday, I … Continue reading Was Procreating In My Best Interest? And a Lovely Link