Turmeric Smoothie

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Lots going on around here, but overall I'm feeling better. The Strattera must be working. I plan to write more soon, but I ran across this recipe and decided to post here, so I'll actually follow through and make it so I can write about it. In the meantime, … Continue reading Turmeric Smoothie


Thoughts on Superfood Muffins — A Follow-up

Did you notice I didn't give a specific time that I'd make the muffin recipe? That's because I know myself. It's taken forty years, but I'm slowly learning to set myself up for success by understanding that life happens and we have to work around the everyday minutiae. I wanted to tell you I'd make … Continue reading Thoughts on Superfood Muffins — A Follow-up

Can I Really Do a 5:30 Wake-up?

My previous post touched on the why. Now I'm going to set my schedule and fill in accordingly. Again, working my stuff out on this blog. The biggie here is that I've reached a point where I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. I think it's a bad case of … Continue reading Can I Really Do a 5:30 Wake-up?


This Will Never Be a Food Blog

"Mom, Wallace got really hungry while you were in the shower, so I made him my top-secret family specialty -- A PICKLE SANDWICH!" Piers is my take-charge first-born, and he came into the world wanting to do everything for himself. One of his first understandable phrases was "Piers do dat." I was very much this … Continue reading This Will Never Be a Food Blog


I Flopped the Bread so the Meltdown Continues

I hadn't planned to post again today, but after flopping a loaf of bread in the bread maker, I found myself sobbing in the bathroom. I am trying to recover from this weekend shit-storm, but all that's happening is that I'm fixating on the train wreck that is my marriage. Piers walked in and asked … Continue reading I Flopped the Bread so the Meltdown Continues


Summer Update

Summer has been busy!  I've been doing better living in the moment than recording it, which seems to be a bit of a problem for me as a writer.  I'm also adjusting to being with my children ALL day.  I didn't think I had much time when they were in preschool for three hours, but … Continue reading Summer Update