Couples With ADHD

Y'all. I swear. Some days all I can do is laugh...because really there are simply no words. Since I told you about my Lexapro flu in my last post, I'll pick up from there. I went for my three-week follow-up on Wednesday, and he convinced me to give Vyvanse another go. So far so good. … Continue reading Couples With ADHD


Down With the Lexapro Flu

Hello, Friends! It's been awhile. It's hard to write, work, care-take, AND get the fifteen-plus hours of sleep I need when I bite the bullet and go back on antidepressants. Since I last wrote, I had a promising appointment with a new doctor, and I've been taking a low-dose of Lexapro for three weeks. I … Continue reading Down With the Lexapro Flu