Some Things Can’t Be Fixed, and That’s Okay

I ran across a post on Facebook several days ago that I can't stop thinking about. Tim Lawrence sums up my numerous thoughts and emotions on grieving in this eloquent and thoughtful post. I could blast out THOUSANDS of words on the subject, and I could tell you all the ignorant and thoughtless cliches I … Continue reading Some Things Can’t Be Fixed, and That’s Okay


Women: Share the Second Shift and Come Out to Play

Lately I am seriously struggling with balancing all the roles I play -- specifically being a mother to Piers and Wallace, a partner to Gil, and a working person. I’m also craving adult conversation. My emotions are all over the place, and I really need to get it together. It’s hard for me to admit … Continue reading Women: Share the Second Shift and Come Out to Play

The Email Part 2

Yesterday I shared some of my ongoing saga with my mother.  You can read the backstory here. Today is proving to be a hectic day, so I don't know if I'll have time to write a proper post.  I did leave you hanging with my last post so I'll go ahead and post the email … Continue reading The Email Part 2


Why Do I Let Her Get to Me? Part 1

I'm thirty-seven years old and my crazy mother still screws with my head. Her most recent antics are affecting me in unimaginable ways and I have no idea how to shake her off of me. I need to do something because I'm slipping into the darkest depression I've experienced in years, perhaps ever. I know … Continue reading Why Do I Let Her Get to Me? Part 1


March is a Beast

So much is running through my head today. In the last month I've been on the verge of a full-blown depression. I'm clawing and fighting to stay above the surface, but it's a lot of work. March is always hard. March 24 is the anniversary of my dad's suicide. Seventeen years ago, my mom and … Continue reading March is a Beast


Highlights From Hell — I mean, Home

So much to post, so little focus. Bear with me. I've spent most of the week at Mamala's. I'll try to sum it up briefly. The following quote pretty much says all I can say at the moment about the trip and my relationship with my mom: "Honey, you really must look at the bright … Continue reading Highlights From Hell — I mean, Home


Big Thing #1

One of my biggest fears is that our friends and family will think I ended this marriage because of little things. Part of why I want to write about this is to help me gain some clarity. I still can't decide how to best move forward. Perhaps once I see the reality in black and … Continue reading Big Thing #1