Lentil Kale Soup – Sounds Meh, Tastes PHENOMENAL

Don't knock 'til you try it! I've been ranting up a storm, so I thought you guys might enjoy a break from my mopey, depressed gripe-fests. Let's talk food. In a desperate attempt to bring a little autumn into my life (have I mentioned that it's been 800 degrees and 1000% humidity in my neck … Continue reading Lentil Kale Soup – Sounds Meh, Tastes PHENOMENAL


Matcha Latte Review

I'll start with a brief review of the recipe for Matcha Orange Cardamon Latte: I was not a fan, as Piers often says when he doesn't like something. Still, I feel obliged to offer my dear readers a caveat. Shockers, but I didn't follow the recipe to a tee, so I'll have to give it … Continue reading Matcha Latte Review