Writing Through the Unpretty

It's Friday...hello, call me Captain Obvious. I'm welded to my couch and have little interest in separating myself from it. This is the first day of the week where I haven't had to rush out the door first thing in the morning.  It's been a busy one with no end in sight. So many thoughts … Continue reading Writing Through the Unpretty


Where Did the Past TWO Months Go?

  I want to tell you everything's okay...that I'm fine and all that. And while that wouldn't be a flat-out lie, it's far from the entire truth. I wish I could take a vacation from life. I want all the hard mommy duties to go away. Fuck meal prep and the revolving door that is … Continue reading Where Did the Past TWO Months Go?

Motherhood, Hot Topics, and A Day at the Beach

This post was inspired by the hilarious, authentic, all-around delightful blogger, Charlotte, over at Momaste. She recently wrote about how once we become mothers the conversations we have with our friends change and NOTHING is off limits. Truer words were never uttered, my friends. A few weeks ago I met three friends and their kids … Continue reading Motherhood, Hot Topics, and A Day at the Beach