Parenting With ADHD Feels Impossible: Part 1

The past four weeks have felt insurmountably difficult. I know things will get better; I just wish I could stay in bed until they actually do. This summer has felt more difficult than usual. I'm certain a big reason for this is because my old trusty medication regimen had to be changed up. I'm also … Continue reading Parenting With ADHD Feels Impossible: Part 1


The Email Part 2

Yesterday I shared some of my ongoing saga with my mother.  You can read the backstory here. Today is proving to be a hectic day, so I don't know if I'll have time to write a proper post.  I did leave you hanging with my last post so I'll go ahead and post the email … Continue reading The Email Part 2

Why Do I Let Her Get to Me? Part 1

I'm thirty-seven years old and my crazy mother still screws with my head. Her most recent antics are affecting me in unimaginable ways and I have no idea how to shake her off of me. I need to do something because I'm slipping into the darkest depression I've experienced in years, perhaps ever. I know … Continue reading Why Do I Let Her Get to Me? Part 1


I’m Alive

I woke up this morning and decided that I'm ready to blog again.  I went on an unplanned sabbatical and stayed a bit longer than planned.  I think bullets are in order.Marriage -- oh, where to begin.  Gil and I survived the holiday chaos and made it through stronger, or so I thought.  The past … Continue reading I’m Alive


I Hurt Too Much to Blog

Typically, writing is healing for me, but lately it just feels like one more thing to do. I've been surviving each week by focusing on my kids and staying busy. I just don't want to be still long enough to feel the pain. I'm a big believer in working through difficult situations, but I'm trudging … Continue reading I Hurt Too Much to Blog


Hard Questions

"Mom, is Grandmother gonna die?" I never cease to be amazed at the depth of my four-year-old. Geez, Kiddo. I'm furious with my mom. She knew I was reluctant to take my kids to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, but I caved under her relentless pressure. I was prepared to have this conversation, … Continue reading Hard Questions