Couples With ADHD

Y'all. I swear. Some days all I can do is laugh...because really there are simply no words. Since I told you about my Lexapro flu in my last post, I'll pick up from there. I went for my three-week follow-up on Wednesday, and he convinced me to give Vyvanse another go. So far so good. … Continue reading Couples With ADHD


Does the Why Even Matter?

I've shared in previous posts that I'm slogging through what feels like a significant depression. I feel like I can't move myself and trudge through the daily tasks. The simplest things take what feels like a herculean effort, and lately I'm just not up for any of it. Then there's the anger. So much anger. … Continue reading Does the Why Even Matter?

Serious Ponderings…Though it Might be the Worst Idea Ever

Perhaps I should start posting on Friday and call it the Friday Rant. Who am I would have to be the Weekly Rant because I can't seem to commit to a particular day... _______________________________________________________________ I'm still in a bit of a state. Shortly after my last post, I felt worlds better. (Thank you to … Continue reading Serious Ponderings…Though it Might be the Worst Idea Ever