Couples With ADHD

Y'all. I swear. Some days all I can do is laugh...because really there are simply no words. Since I told you about my Lexapro flu in my last post, I'll pick up from there. I went for my three-week follow-up on Wednesday, and he convinced me to give Vyvanse another go. So far so good. … Continue reading Couples With ADHD


Until I Have Time to Write…

Enjoy this from The Mind Unleashed. "Kindness (along with emotional stability) is the most important predictor of satisfaction and stability in a relationship. Kindness makes each partner feel cared for, understood and validated." "Another powerful kindness strategy revolves around shared joy. One of the telltale signs of the disaster couples studied, was their inability to … Continue reading Until I Have Time to Write…

Women: Share the Second Shift and Come Out to Play

Lately I am seriously struggling with balancing all the roles I play -- specifically being a mother to Piers and Wallace, a partner to Gil, and a working person. Additionally, I’m craving adult time but not necessarily with my husband. My emotions are all over the place, and I really need to get it together. … Continue reading Women: Share the Second Shift and Come Out to Play