Savannah From the Sky

A friend posted the following video on Facebook, and I thought it was very cool. Ian Mercer is the photographer and he took this with a drone and edited on his iPhone (according to his Vimeo blurb.) I don't know much about drones, but I'm becoming more intrigued when I see results like these. Piers … Continue reading Savannah From the Sky


And Then Hurricane Matthew Crashed October

Hello friends! I'm collecting myself and basking in gratitude. My family and friends came through the storm relatively unscathed. The boys, our cat, and I left Savannah voluntarily last Wednesday after school was cancelled and drove to my mom's outside of Atlanta. Gil stayed to tie up some loose ends at work and arrived Thursday … Continue reading And Then Hurricane Matthew Crashed October

What’s Going Well Wednesday #WGWW — on Friday! 

I haven't done one of these in a long time, so how about some long overdue happy. Exploring outdoors helps everyone in our household. Engaging with nature is centering and peaceful, and it certainly appears to have that effect on my children. By hump day, I couldn't face our dining room table and homework and … Continue reading What’s Going Well Wednesday #WGWW — on Friday!