A Mini Update and Advice Gleaned from Jane Austen

Ah...Grief Happens...but so does joy! I've missed you guys! I have so much I want to share, but alas, I'm the type who thrives only if I get my 8 hours of sleep, eat my veggies and healthy fats, and move my ass on the regular. I've been quite busy with some of my other … Continue reading A Mini Update and Advice Gleaned from Jane Austen


Post-Detox Update

My August detox has concluded, and I suppose it was a success. You can read about why I did this here and here, but the short version is I cut out coffee and wine...or I attempted to do so.I'm going to blame my lack of rigidness with this detox on the fact that I've had … Continue reading Post-Detox Update

On Authenticity

Today I logged onto Facebook for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have to do this for my sanity. I do communicate through personal messaging, but I limit my interactions on the newsfeed. I had what felt like a million notifications. Since my last login, I've had a birthday, AND Gil and … Continue reading On Authenticity


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Once again I'm writing about my marriage. Things with Gil are not good. It seems I always come back to this. I've tried in every way that I know how, but I get discouraged when I look at him and know he has little ownership in our problems. He's made it clear over and over … Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go?


I Hurt Too Much to Blog

Typically, writing is healing for me, but lately it just feels like one more thing to do. I've been surviving each week by focusing on my kids and staying busy. I just don't want to be still long enough to feel the pain. I'm a big believer in working through difficult situations, but I'm trudging … Continue reading I Hurt Too Much to Blog


Tough Topics

I've gone back and forth in my head trying to decide if I should actually dive into this topic on a blog. I'm finally at a point where I feel strongly that I must. It's raw and painful, and there is so much that's in the gray. I've ruminated to the point that I'm not … Continue reading Tough Topics