In Case You’ve Ever Been Curious About Feline Genitalia…

Wallace:  "Mom, are cat balls also called testicles?" Me:  "Hmmm...that's a great question, Wal."  I'm a pro at buying myself time. "I'm not sure, but I assume they are."  For the moment, I'm regretting being so forthcoming with my children about sex and body parts. My goal was to normalize bodies and explain things in … Continue reading In Case You’ve Ever Been Curious About Feline Genitalia…


Why Do We Kiss?

Do you and your significant other kiss much? I recently ran across an article on the evolution of kissing.  Check it out here as well as this one. The first summarizes a recent study from Oxford University examining people’s motivations for kissing new partners.  It was once thought that kissing simply played a role in … Continue reading Why Do We Kiss?

How to Balance Work and Sex

Last night Gil and I were in the middle of some much needed coupledom.   I’m talking sex, and yes, it had been a while.  Because, well, life gets crazy and hectic, and often these meshing together sessions are at the bottom of our to-do list. Things were moving along quite smashingly when Gil’s phone … Continue reading How to Balance Work and Sex


I Never Cease to be Amazed in this Marriage

Gil just took the boys to the store to buy a filter for the vacuum cleaner. The last week has been interesting. I'm writing this quickly, so I'll do my best to summarize the main happenings, particularly the situation with Gil. I noticed a difference in him last weekend when he arrived to pick up … Continue reading I Never Cease to be Amazed in this Marriage


Marriage is a Lot of Work

After much pondering, going back and forth about the destiny of my marriage, I recommitted myself and chose to stay married to Gil and work out our problems. I didn't do so flippantly. I spent hours in therapy, prayed, meditated, yelled and screamed, cried, spoke with people I respect -- both married, single, and divorced. … Continue reading Marriage is a Lot of Work


Hard Questions

"Mom, is Grandmother gonna die?" I never cease to be amazed at the depth of my four-year-old. Geez, Kiddo. I'm furious with my mom. She knew I was reluctant to take my kids to visit my grandmother in the nursing home, but I caved under her relentless pressure. I was prepared to have this conversation, … Continue reading Hard Questions