Connectedness and the Spirituality of Art

I decided to plant myself at my computer and simply write. Who knows what will come out of this today. I've needed to write all week, but instead I've been reacting, doing, and trekking through life. My brain feels crowded, fried, congested, and overwhelmed. I mentioned that September is a hard month around here. I'm … Continue reading Connectedness and the Spirituality of Art


The Blizzard’s Lesson

Check out this fabulous post by my partner, Maggie, over at Live. Snap. Write. I hope all of you are staying warm and surviving winter (or summer for many of you.) It hasn't snowed in Coastal Georgia, but if I never see another rainy, overcast day I'll be okay. However, Maggie helped me shift my … Continue reading The Blizzard’s Lesson

Can We Take It Down a Notch On Social Media? Hope you all are well. We're knee-deep in getting-out-of-school mode, so things are busy. Good busy, but my already limited organizational skills are being stretched to capacity. I was feeling slightly stressed this morning, but then I came across the above article, and it gave me some peace. It's so easy to get caught … Continue reading Can We Take It Down a Notch On Social Media?