Perspective for the New Year

Check out the latest at Live. Snap. Write. As I mentioned in a previous post, Maggie and I plan to include guest posters in the future, so think of things that move you, and please follow us there as well if you're moved to do so. Happy Wednesday!


The Good — What’s Moving Me These Days #WGWW

So. . . my past few posts have been quite the bag of negativity. Occasionally, I need to blast out the contents in my head that might be better reserved for therapy or a private journal. Or maybe not. I think it's okay to share the less-than-stellar. Thanks to those who read and especially those … Continue reading The Good — What’s Moving Me These Days #WGWW

WGWW# — In a Slightly Tardy Fashion

I should re-name What's Going Well Wednesday and call it What's Going Well Whenever the Hell I Wanna Tell You 'Cause This is My Blog and Sometimes I Like Channeling My Inner Two-Year-Old. But I suppose that's a tad lengthy... We moved this summer.. We actually closed on our house two days AFTER my children started … Continue reading WGWW# — In a Slightly Tardy Fashion


My Friends Keep Me Smiling — WGWW

What's Going Well Wednesday, friends? The following are a few recent quotes from some of my pals that gave me pause. ~~~ I told my friend Steph that I need to join a local writing group. Her response: "I'd just as soon show my vagina to the clerk at Publix than let people read my … Continue reading My Friends Keep Me Smiling — WGWW


What’s Going Well. . . Wait! What Day is It?! 

Seriously, you guys, I was excited to post this week since I missed last week, but I'm all mixed up (obviously!!!) and realized this morning that . . . today is actually Thursday. Here is my disclaimer: A LOT is going well, but other things not so much -- for instance, Wallace was the first … Continue reading What’s Going Well. . . Wait! What Day is It?! 


What’s Going Well Wednesday — In Photos

Happy Wednesday, friends. It's good that I'm doing this because I sincerely need to focus on the positive... I'll leave it at that. Here are some random photos from my hanging-on-by-a-thread phone: Reading material that makes me happy. We found all the pieces! Y0u guys, I feel like I'm in the Twilight Z0ne (Please try … Continue reading What’s Going Well Wednesday — In Photos


Weekly Post From a Slinky

Years ago when I worked for Delta Airlines, I took a continuing education class and the instructor gave us a personality test. I remember little else from this particular class other than my results. I was a slinky. I haven't thought of this in years; I have no idea whether there's any validity to this … Continue reading Weekly Post From a Slinky