My Friends Keep Me Smiling — WGWW

What's Going Well Wednesday, friends? The following are a few recent quotes from some of my pals that gave me pause. ~~~ I told my friend Steph that I need to join a local writing group. Her response: "I'd just as soon show my vagina to the clerk at Publix than let people read my … Continue reading My Friends Keep Me Smiling — WGWW


Revamping My Schedule

Prepare yourself, friends. Here comes another I gotta get my life together post. I need accountability and since I have none of that in my real life, I'm using this blog. I'm overwhelmed and at that point where I'm just sitting -- staring at the piles and trying to settle my brain and decide what … Continue reading Revamping My Schedule

Soaking Up the Happy

Yesterday was good. I got out of my head and spent the entire day with my sweet, but oh-so-active boys. I had been so fixated on my marriage issues and work and all the negativity that I had been a little detached. Sometimes we have to consciously force ourselves into the present — at least … Continue reading Soaking Up the Happy


Women: Share the Second Shift and Come Out to Play

Lately I am seriously struggling with balancing all the roles I play -- specifically being a mother to Piers and Wallace, a partner to Gil, and a working person. I’m also craving adult conversation. My emotions are all over the place, and I really need to get it together. It’s hard for me to admit … Continue reading Women: Share the Second Shift and Come Out to Play


Hello and Thank You!

Hi friends, it's been too long.  Where did the time go? I thought I'd pop in and give you a quick update.  The last month has been busy with some exciting ventures on the horizon. I had no plans to stop blogging, but honestly it simply took an accidental backseat to other endeavors.  I'm at … Continue reading Hello and Thank You!


Back to Life; Back to Reality

The kids and I got in Sunday from a TEN day vacation.  It was all kinds of fabulous.We began last weekend camping with Gil and six other couples in the mountains.  Then the boys and I stayed with our friends, Ani, Zip, and their girls for the week.  They welcomed us into their home that … Continue reading Back to Life; Back to Reality